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1.网络化 动词cyberize是比较通用的翻译,也有人用latticing cyberize vt. 使网络化;使联网:These days, even hotels are flogging the notion that anything's better if you cyberize it. 眼下,就连各旅馆也在大力宣传这样的观念:任何东西一经网络化将更具优势。

  2.人生观 outlook on life; life outlook 例如:树立正确的人生观 establish a positive outlook on life

  3.“不相上下地” be equally matched; almost on a par; roughly the same; neither is better than the other; eye ball to eye ball

  4.“需要注意的是……” (need)special attention

  5.价值观,世界观,,审美标准的英文翻译? 价值观values 例如:传统的价值观念 traditional values 世界观world ideology/outlook/view 审美标准aesthetic standards 、

  7.:“留学回国人员”怎么说啊 现在有一个通用的说法:returned student(s) 也可以加个解释(one who studied overseas and returned for development)

  8.请问:生产资料&生活资料 如何表达?生产资料means of production 生活资料means of livelihood/subsistence

  9.办签证怎么说啊 grant a visa;visa 比如我们说,给护照签证:put a visa on a passport;have/get one's passport visaed

  11.国外引进的技术怎么说? 我建议你翻译的时候用动词短语表达^_^ import/introduce foreign technology 16.嘉年华英语怎么说? Carnival

  17.请问“在线留言”怎么说?多谢! online message

  22.“社会实践”用英语怎么说??social practice

  23.Re: 请问:把眼光放长远 如何表达?see things in a broader perspective

  30.“占的比例大”怎么说?form/constitute a large proportion

  31.不懈的努力enduring/relentless efforts 不懈追求、坚持不懈unremitting pursuit 36.“随便说说”,怎么说? make a casual comment

  37.Re: 接待客人 怎么说? receive/play host to some guests 41.Re: “心态”应该用哪个词? psychology; state/habit of mind; mental attitude

  43.Re: 获得某人的认同 怎么说? 1)approve/endorse 2)identify

  45.Re: 投稿用英语怎么说? (转载) contribute to… send/submit a contribution to … 46.Re: 请问“人才招聘”怎么说? recruit people with talent (来源:www.for68.com)

  47. Re: “人才培养”怎么翻译 personnel training

  49.Re: 请问辅导员和学生工作助理怎么翻译呢?辅导员advisor;instructor;councellor 助理assistant;aide 50.Re: “研究生部"怎么翻译啊?在线等~~急!! graduate department 53.Re: 通用性 怎么说 急! 多谢 interchangeable/universalize

  59.Re: “请多多关照”怎么说? I command myself to your notice. Many thanks for your help.

  60.Re: 掌握××情况的掌握怎么翻译比较好? grasp;master;know well;have a good command of;have in hand;hold;control

  71.“伴随一生”怎么表示好?感觉用名词会不会好一些呢?或尝试改一下表达。仅供参考:… is/are my lifelong companion(s). … is my whole life and my soul.

  75.Re: “电视转播”比较好的说法是什么?用relay;rebroadcast吧,例如:向全国做实况转播…be relayed/transmitted live nationwide

  77.Re: 时代的局限性怎么说?limitations of the times

  79.Re: 逛街怎么说?stroll through streets; go window-shopping; loiter along streets 81.Re: 表示“**思想现在已经深入人心”怎么好啊? strike/take root in the hearts of the people; be deeply implanted in the hearts of the people; strike a deep chord in the hearts of the people. 给你几个例句参考一下: Peaceful reunification has taken root in the hearts of the people.和平统一已经深入人心。 New ideas are slowly filtering into people's minds. 新思想逐渐深入人心。 The Chinese reform and open policies have won popular support.中国改革开放政策深入人心。

  84.Re: “表面上地”怎么说?在不同的情况下,表达也不太一样。给你几个常用的表达参考一下:表面上不情愿be seemingly reluctant 表面上生气apparent anger 表面上相似superficial resemblance 流于表面上的检查superficial inspection 受表面现象迷惑be misled by the externals 从表面上看outwardly 他表面文静,其实脾气很暴躁。Beneath that ostensibal calmness is a man of fierce temper.

  85.Re: “对某事抱太高的希望”用英语怎么说?put one's expectations too high

  95.因材施教 teach students in accordance with their aptitute; modify one's way of teaching to suit the special requirements of each class; offer an individualized quality education for every student 英雄所见略同great minds think alike; heroes have similar views 96.Re: 请问,可持续发展怎么说sustainable development 常用的表达:推动国民经济的可持续发展 further the sustainable development of the national economy 97.Re: 文化的传承???怎么说 impart and inherit culture; impart and pass on culture 102.Re: “占据越来越大的比例”该怎么说?hold/account for a growing proportion of 103.Re: 请教“快节奏的生活”怎么说? He was not quite used to the quick pace of life there.

  104.Re: 眼光只停留在表面现象上怎么翻译呢?我觉得用remain/stay on the surface of比较自然一些吧,个人观点。

  106.Re: 社会动荡 请问怎么讲?social turbulence/turmoil/agitation/unrest 107. 道德败坏be morally degenerate; be immoral 不道德的思想 也可以用unethical表达严厉的惩罚 severe punishment可以,用动词表达会好一些,severely punish punishment 作“惩罚;惩处” 不可数,作“刑罚;处罚”可数限制节目内容place/impose restrictions on;restrict;limit;confine;+programme(item)提高价格的幅度raise margins of price fluctuation 归根结底 in the final/last/ultimate analysis; in essence;at bottom;boil down 轻视法律的作用 underestimate the roles of law 圣诞老人 Father Christmas; Santa Claus 这两个比较通用,前一个用得比较多

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